There is a round of brinksmanship – or oneupmanship – transpiring between two developers who both say they would be more than willing to donate land for a new Winterset/Madison County congregate meal site.

So much at stake; land near a elderly meal site could be attractive to people looking to relocate.

County supervisors have said that the present elderly meal site, which shares space with the county ambulance garage, will likely be torn down, and separate new facilities built – funded in part by wind turbine money. 

Plans are for both a new meal site building and a new ambulance garage, at separate venues.

Winterset developer Pat Corkrean and developer Linda Juckett both have volunteered to donate land for an elderly meal site, both on the north side of Winterset. 

Corkrean’s land is located north of the Iowa Hwy. 92/169 bypass near Scot Clark’s Farm Bureau building; the other parcel, Juckett’s land, is east of US Hwy 169 on land formerly owned by Dale Tuttle, north of East Madison Street. Juckett purchased it to construct an assisted-living facility.

A spokesperson on behalf of Juckett, Des Moines attorney Dan Manning, asked county supervisors to reconsider Juckett’s proposal to offer land to the county on which a meal site could be built.

“Juckett will renew her [offer],” Manning told county supervisors Thursday.

Supervisors, however, said that they have already decided to accept Corkrean’s offer of land.

They said the issue was timing, because county officials want to get the project completed yet this year, in 2020, if possible. Officials questioned whether that would be possible with Juckett’s land.

The Madisonian spoke with city officials about the status of the land at both locations. Both parcels apparently have received approval from the city planning and zoning board on a preliminary plat of the land. The preliminary plats both are in limbo and must go to the city council for final approval.

“Her property is platted,” Dan Manning said.

Supervisors said that plans for a road, and utility connections appeared to be farther along on Corkrean’s land than on the land Juckett was offering.


“We’ve made the decision on that,” said Supervisor Phil Clifton, who was chosen to be chairman of the three-member board of supervisors for 2020.

That’s despite Supervisor Diane Fitch’s comment that she doesn’t care for the Corkrean parcel.

“I hate this site,” Fitch said.

Despite her comments, county officials indicated they would meet with an architect to start plans for a building on Corkrean’s land.

“We’d ask you to reconsider that,” Manning said, indicating Juckett’s offer of land was still on the table.

Supervisors apparently dismissed the request, and proceeded to schedule a preliminary meeting this week (Monday) with an architect – the Des Moines-based Angelo Architects – to discuss initial meal site project drawings, for Corkrean’s land. 

Fitch and Clifton both said they would attend that huddle.

Reporter at the Winterset Madisonian. He has also been the managing editor at the Madisonian.