Bill Riley Talent Show

 Pictured are Taylor Wolken (second place), David Michael Negley (first place) and Hailey Howard (third place). They are the top three winners for the senior division of the Bill Riley Talent Show. David Michael Negley will go on to the Iowa State Fair for Madison County with his vocal solo “I See Fire.” The three judges for the contest were John Harper, Leanne Tucker and Bryner Gibson.


The Bill Riley Talent Show on Thursday gave the opportunity to several contestants aged 4-15 the chance to showcase their skills. 

The acts included dance numbers – both duet and solo – singing, and playing an instrument.

The Bill Riley Talent Show was split into two different divisions based on age. 

The top three competitors of the sprout division included Chaney Klipfel and Rocco Slaughter performing a tap duet to “Haterz.” In second was Maria Kiger, who performed a tap solo to “Anything Goes.” First place went to Ava Kloppe. She dazzled the judges with a dance to “Speaking French.”

In the senior division, awards were also given to the top three. In third was Hailey Howard, who did a contemporary dance to “For Mama.” Second place went to Taylor Wolken for her tap solo to “A Man Like That.” First was awarded to David Michael Negley for his vocal solo.

All contestants impressed the crowd, making it an enjoyable event.