Seeking to secure the 2020 Democratic nomination for president, candidate Joe Biden brought his campaign to Winterset, as he shared his thoughts with followers during a town hall meeting at the Jackson Building on Friday evening.

As he addressed the audience, Biden expressed his reasoning in making a run for the presidency. 

“We need to restore the soul of the country, the middle class. We have the opportunity to make rural America very prosperous and to bring people along in big ways.” 

“We need to understand what is happening,” Biden continued. “Hospitals are closing all across rural America; in fact, 60 percent of people who are in a serious accident die in rural America. They don’t die in cities or big towns, they die in rural America due to the lack of access to healthcare. There is also a shortage of healthcare, in regards to specialty services for women. There is a lot we can do, to invest in rural America. We need to invest in small towns because we can do it, make it grow, and allow everyone to grow in the process.”

Biden continued with his plea for communities to come together in creating environments that are safe, healthy and generate the kind of ethics that America is about.

Biden holds town hall meeting

Democratic Presidential hopeful Joe Biden made a stop in Winterset last week.

“The next president of the United States is going to inherit a divided nation as well as a world in disarray,” he communicated. “There will be no time for on the job training.”

Serving as moderator for the meeting, Vicky Brenner questioned Biden in regards to what he would do for rural towns and the availability of broadband services.

Biden stated that he would invest in internet services in the rural sector, and that was something he and former President Barack Obama were focusing on toward the end of his term, and they almost got it passed. They had planned to invest around twenty billion dollars in rural broadband nationwide, realizing that children and students in rural areas are as competent and capable, yet are at a significant disadvantage without access to those services. He also wanted to make sure that children had access to computers if they did not have one at home.

Biden holds town hall meeting

Democratic Presidential hopeful Joe Biden made a stop in Winterset last week.

Expanding on Brenner’s question, Biden also talked about raising teachers salaries in an effort to inspire more young people to want to become teachers, and to retain the teachers we currently have. With so many baby boomers retiring, it is needed to avoid having a teacher shortage in the future. 

He also touched on the idea of creating community based schools. As an example, he mentioned coordinating rural and suburban schools and partnering them with businesses or unions to create apprenticeship programs. He also spoke about investing in a towns infrastructure as a way to attract people to the communities that provide good jobs.

“So much can be done to significantly revive small towns. Twenty percent of America resides in a small town and they are being left behind. If money is invested, they would lead the way to the future!”

Managing editor at the Madisonian.