If you are a couple on a fixed income you should eat, drink and be merry this Valentines’ Day. It will cost you more next year.

Did you ever notice, from the names of popular perfumes, that virtue does not make good scents?

Men who want only one lover are likely to get what they want. Men who want more lovers often end up with none.

In today’s world women have so many beauty aids that husbands can’t remember what their original wife looked like.

Any man who is wrapped around his wife’s little finger has very little backbone.

Unfortunately, there is always a gate, and a key to the lock.

This advice I can freely give to any couple: If you want to stay out of trouble, never be a referee when another couple is fighting, especially if half of that couple is your own child.

If you are lucky enough to be on the right track, you will get run over if you sit there.

Your other half may hate it if your love-making goes into extra innings.

When you both got to middle age, which did you dislike more, the age or the middle.

It is often good to think about love, but it is usually better to be loving with the passion of the moment instead of thinking then about your loving.

Love that is forever needs tending daily.

Do not build a wall to keep you and your love safe, out of harm’s way. Build bridges for each of you and both of you to others, so that your love gains the added strength it will need tomorrow.

Note: In days of long ago, regular and occasional newspaper correspondents often proudly used their well-known pen name, instead of their actual name. It was done to hide their identities. In honor of that tradition, the author of this piece has done the same.