Winterset Public Library Director David Hargrove announced that Timothy Babcock, age 10, and Briley Corwin, age 14, made the winning submissions in the library’s essay contest, 2020 Vision. Hargrove was eager to congratulate the two and to remind them that the library was still available to students. Prizes were sponsored by the Friends of the Winterset Public Library. 

Briley Corwin, age 14

2020 has been like a piece of bubble gum. At the start of 2020, my piece of bubble gum blew big bubbles and was flavorful. I had reached many of my goals in school and sports. I put in the work to qualify for championship swim meets in Minnesota and Iowa. I was going to be spending my spring break doing the things I love, with the people I love. Mid-March, my bubble gum popped. All of the plans that were made disappeared. Thanks to COVID-19 there were no long school days, fun meals out at restaurants, tough practice sets, or seeing friends for months. I began to miss the little things that made me happy, but rather than feeling sorry for myself, I had to realize what was still right in front of me. I have a family that loves me, I have friends that I can call and text, I have the ability to go outside on walks, and eventually, I had realized that I had so many other things right in front of me. COVID-19 has been a humbling experience. I never took the time to think about the fact that I have a roll of toilet paper and a full soap dispenser in the bathroom. I am ready to get things back to normal, but for right now I will just have to settle for spitting out my hard piece of bubble gum and replacing it with a brand new piece. Attitude can change your outlook on the world. Yes, things may not have turned out how I would have hoped, but I definitely have more than I started with.