Insect of the Week: Carpenter Bee

If you have noticed large, black bees hovering around the outside of your house recently, then you likely have carpenter bees. Rightfully named, these bees burrow into wood siding in order to create a nest for their young. The remaining hole is roughly the diameter of your finger with noticeable sawdust beneath the opening of the hole. These bees are considered a nuisance for homeowners as their nests can potentially generate a lot of damage. Males are also known to be very aggressive especially during the breeding months of early summer. Fear not, however, as the male bees can’t actually sting you. One other thing to keep in mind is the difference between carpenter bees and honeybees so as not to exterminate the wrong species. Honeybees sport the conventional yellow and black striped pattern on their hairy bodies whereas carpenter bees have a sleek, mostly solid black body.