Volunteers showed up at the Cutler-Donohoe Covered Bridge, Roseman Covered Bridge and Hogback Covered Bridge to whitewash the graffiti panels, which is done to provide a clean slate to those who wish to document their visit.

Alex, Madeliene, and Elizabeth Hoenig, and Gigi and Heather Gilbertsen helped paint the Hogback Bridge Tuesday, May 12. The Winterset City Park Cutler-Donohoe bridge got its treatment May 11.  Dr. Lee Abramson and Rich Mills painted at the Roseman Bridge Tuesday, May 12. 

Every few years, the white message walls on Madison County’s Covered Bridges get a good “scrubbing”. Historically used as message boards or for notes from one neighbor to another, they were used for various purposes – posting notices about meetings or gatherings or even special late 19th Century events. The message walls remain to present day to encourage visitors to leave their own “temporary” mark on the wall. When the walls fill up, it is time to repaint. Three covered bridges – Cutler-Donohoe, Roseman, and Hogback – got their walls whitewashed by volunteers last week. Old notes and messages were painted over with white paint, making way for the next round of messages to the world.