Preface. I read recently a quote of a comedian, who said that the best evidence we have of other intelligent life in the universe is that they have not tried to contact us here on Earth. As comedy, that’s pretty good, and thought-provoking. But, I will tell you now, it is not accurate. That quote also made me realize I had to write this account now.

Little did I know, when I had an experience long ago with an UFO on a county road of Chippewa County, Minnesota, a few miles north of Granite Falls, that I would later meet and assist other intelligent life on a visit to Earth.

The Visit. To the best of my knowledge, no one else on Earth now knows of the visit that took place some few years back. I alone do.

One night, as I lay sleeping, I heard, in my mind, a calling, one that at first I thought to be a dream. It was, in essence, please wake; we seek you and ask for your help. You better bet your boots I was suddenly awake. It was clear, and scary to realize, that someone had mind-spoken to me, a feat I had read about in science fiction and fantasy stories, but had not until that moment believed to be possible. Awake, I organized my racing thoughts as best as I could, and asked the not very brilliant obvious question, who are you? We are Visitors (I heard the capital V in my mind). Quickly, the Visitor asked me to come to the roofed road across the waterway, downward from where I lived. That alone convinced me that this was indeed a real Visitor. Any human who had devised a ruse upon me would have said Holliwell Covered Bridge, east of town.

With as little further mind-speaking as was necessary I was, in minutes, on the road to Holliwell Bridge. I parked in the west parking lot. As I walked to the venerable old bridge, I saw, in the moonlight, two strange-looking figures. One was strikingly tall. The other was rather short. Wow! That sight brought gladness to my heart, and a smile to my lips. It reminded me of an old, old newspaper photo I have seen several times, titled “The Long and the Short of It”. Two of Madison County’s most famous people of long ago were pictured. Mike Davis and Johnny McKibben. My pleasure broke the ice between me and the Visitors. One of them quickly mind-spoke happiness that I enjoyed meeting them. In terse explanation, I was told that the Visitors had deliberately not “cloaked” themselves, so that my first view of them would be as the beings they are. We should also proceed quickly to their craft for further conversation. I was amazed at how few steps took us to that destination. The Visitors had chosen their landing spot carefully, to hide their craft and still have it near. And it was cloaked to me and all other human eyes. We entered what I thought was a tree.

The Visitors were here from Worlds Union, to decide whether embargoed Terra (that’s Earth) would be invited to become a provisional member of the Worlds Union. All of the other Visitors had arrived on Terra in the past two days, undetected by human science. Their own craft was late in arriving. When they came out of the space warp, a mechanical malfunction had occurred. It took two of our days to repair. Now, that’s a hoot, isn’t it? Delayed by a malfunction, just like what happens again and again right here on good old Earth!

I had trouble believing that our Madison County was the destination of these Visitors. They quickly assured me that this place was. In fact, not a one of the several craft landed near any nation’s capital. It was the ordinary people of Terra that the Visitors sought, and would visit in their quest for the information they needed. Our tendency to wage war? Distressing as past history, but not a problem. In the Worlds Union, war simply did not exist.

Of course we also talked about many other things, including especially how I could help. Long experience had taught the Worlds Union that their Visitors worked best accompanied by an inhabitant who could mind-speak with the Visitor. And I had certainly already shown that talent. Also, a Visitor would not go forth alone. (Even among them, the Rule of Two applied in their contacts.) With local mind-speaker, one of the Visitors could remain with the craft, an important safety measure.

The very next  day, our local task, right here in Madison County, began. Wherever a Visitor and I went, the Visitor observed and considered. Since the Visitor was cloaked as a human, no one knew my companion was a Visitor. Most certainly no one knew that Terra/Earth was being judged in the process. Many were the times that the Visitor I accompanied was confused by Terran ways, but our mind-speaking quickly cleared away the confusion. As an added precaution, and as a measure of mercy if Terra was rejected for provisional membership, the people we observed and I conversed with were placed under a “spell” of forgetfulness of the incident.

I knew, from my mind-speaking with “my” Visitors, and from their mind-speaking with other Visitors, that things were looking bright for Terra/Earth to be invited into the Worlds Union. As I suspected, we didn’t score well on some things. For example, our treatment of our young was abysmal. We scored well enough in other areas to make up that deficiency.

All the other Visitors left. As a concession to “my” Visitors, who had been delayed in arriving, they were given the singular honor of staying for one last task. It was to observe the night-time habits and rituals of one couple living in the area, with the consent of that couple. Consent was obtained, and the Visitor and I went to that home that evening. The couple felt deeply honored, and knew that they would not recall our special visit. It was a good evening with them. At bedtime, they changed into their night-clothes in their bathroom (we were not voyeurs!), and came back into their bedroom where the Visitor and I sat. They said goodnight to each other, with endearments said each way. Then, with both in bed, but with his bed light still on, the man, who was a bit on the heavy side, reached over, took the hose from his C-PAP (continuous positive air  pressure) machine, and put on its mask. I sensed the distress in the Visitor’s mind, and quickly mind-spoke my explanation. The Visitor’s reaction was an “Oh, No! If Terrans have not yet discovered a better solution to such a simple problem, they cannot become a member of the Worlds Union!” We let ourselves out of the house, with the couple already unaware that we had been present for hours.

As “my” Visitors and I mind-spoke an awful good-bye, one of them saw fit to bestow a special honor upon me. Of all Terrans, I alone would not forget. I would remember!!! Thus it was a somewhat happy parting, but one with the weight of an enormous burden of knowing.

Epilogue. There you have it, an account I have tried and failed, for years to write. I know most of you will think it is fiction. I’m satisfied if that is what you choose to believe. I would rather have that then to have you believe what you have just read. Earth passed over for membership in the Worlds Union for a reason that is incomprehensible to any Earthling! I hook myself up to my own C-PAP machine every night. It is not abhorrent at all to me, I can’t contain my dismay that somehow Earth failed in admission to the Worlds Union for a reason I shall never understand.