Jan. 11, 1900

A Winterset barber noted that the men’s popular style of parting the hair down the middle was then going out of style and that his customers were parting their hair down the side.

A.B. Shriver guaranteed 5 percent farm loans in his ad at the top of the Madisonian’s front page.

Jan. 11, 1950

The biggest polio fund drive in the history of the nation was set to begin. The county’s drive was headed by Mrs. Chet Wheeler. Four-year-old Vicki Price of rural Earlham was the county’s candidate for the national polio poster child contest.

Mills Motor, a Winterset Chevrolet dealer, held a formal showing of the new 1950 Chevrolet. The car featured what was then hailed as the most revolutionary driving aid since the self-starter–the automatic transmission.

Jan. 13, 1960

State representative Joseph Flatt [R] of Winterset announced he would seek his party’s nomination for the state senate seat. Ed Wildin also announced his candidacy for the state representative seat, to succeed Flatt.

Farris Breeding was elected new chief of the Winterset Fire Department since 1935. His father, Charles Breeding, was fire chief from 1946-1956.

Jan. 14, 1970

The county supervisors began plans to finish the paving of the Winterset to St. Charles road. The west half of the 11-mile project was completed the summer before and the paving of the east half would provide a more direct highway between the two towns.

Irvin Martens was promoted to cashier of Farmers & Merchants State Bank, replacing Charles Butterfield, who was retiring.

Jan. 9, 1980

Rival Collins retired from a 50-year career in ambulance service. He had provided the service through Collins Funeral Home but had begun driving ambulances when he was still in high school in Bloomfield in 1928. It was common then for funeral homes to provide such a service with its hearse.

Ethel Kennedy, wife of the late Robert Kennedy, was in St. Charles campaigning for presidential candidate Senator Edward Kennedy.

Jan. 10, 1990

Winterset schools would have to make up three “snow” days due to extreme cold and snow so far that year.

WHS band students returned home from a memorable band trip to perform in the Liberty Bowl half-time show in Memphis, Tenn., with 20 other high school bands selected from across the nation.