Father’s Day is June 16.

On Wednesday, May 29, my husband, Dean, and I attended Indianola Regular Baptist Church where our daughter and her husband, Christina and Mark Brommel, attend to once again here the Heritage Singers from the Maranatha Baptist University. The group sings, play instruments and had a short message of encouragement. We have heard the group once before but this time it was extra special to our family. We found out from our cousins, Steve and Elaine Porter of Winterset, who also had come to hear the group, that we had two distant cousins in the group that we had never met before but had seen only pictures of. What a surprise! It was nice visiting with them and also hearing their group sing and play violins, piano and cellos. After the program the church served some refreshments in the basement.

Maranatha Baptist University develops leaders for ministry in the local church and the world “To the Praise of His Glory.” They prepare students to go with purpose, serve with compassion, and lead with integrity wherever God calls them-from the marketplace to the foreign field. Excellent school for our youth to attend. The university is located in Watertown, Wisc.

On the way home from the program and meeting with family members, Dean and I hit a deer. I have lived here 55 years and I had never hit a deer. Dean was driving and I was talking on the phone to our oldest daughter but was watching the road but like most deer, they seem to come out of nowhere! I saw the deer and I felt us hit him but neither of us was hurt and our car wasn’t damaged. We must have just hit the deer lightly since it caused no damage to our car or us for which I am very thankful.

The annual Truro High School reunion for former instructors, students and friends of Truro High School is June 30. As we did last year, it will be held in the Truro Community Center (formerly Truro Lions Hall) because they are still presently under construction at the school where we use to hold this reunion.

This year the Class of 1959 will be honored as they observe their 60th anniversary year. We hope some of the class will be able to attend.

Arrangements have been made with the Winterset Hy-Vee for a catered meal to be served at 12:30pm on June 30. The cost is $18 (an increase from previous years due to several factors). Hy -Vee raised the price of the meal and there will be a delivery charge. Also postal charges went up for sending out these invitations and also we have the cost of renting the center.

Money and reservations must be sent to Betty Ann (Nelson) Green before June 22. Make checks payable to “Truro Alumni Association.” There will be no tickets available that day. The center will be open by 11 a.m. for those wishing to come early to visit.

There will be a business meeting following the dinner. Please bring your ideas and suggestions to share. If you are unable to join us, won’t you please write a note or call someone from the committee listed below: Larry Phillips (3023 332nd St, Truro IA 50257, cell 515-669-8410), Betty Ann Green (1120 220th Ave, Osceola IA 50213, home 641-342-3082) and Raymond Johnston (1184 Miami St, Murray IA 50174, home 641-447-2015).

A new summer reading program will be held at the Truro Public Library from Tuesday, June 4, through Tuesday, July 30. Sign up to win prizes and come join us for various programs including the Science Center of Iowa and the Blank Park Zoo. Check the website at truro.lib.ia.us and like them on Facebook.

If you have any news, call 641-765-4873 or email mlrobertsonpark@netins.net