The Winterset School Board met on Friday night to review the Return to Learn plans in light of the increased impact of Covid-19 locally. 

Based on the rising positivity rate in the county and school, and on the Governor Reynolds’ recent proclamation calling for increased mitigation measures, the board voted to require all students to wear face coverings at all times within the district. 

Schools will work to provide students mask breaks throughout the day. 

The Madison County positivity rate on Friday reached 17.9 percent, and the student positivity rate reached 0.35 percent. 

There were seven staff members out, with one testing positive and six quarantined or awaiting test results. There were 130 students out on quarantine; 35 were in the elementary, 16 were in the middle school, 11 were in the junior high, and 68 were in the high school. Six high school students had tested positive. 

Positive cases continue to be reported in the schools, with a student in both the elementary and middle schools testing positive as of Monday and one student in junior high as of Tuesday.