The 2020-21 school year has begun and the Winterset Community School District welcomed a group of new teachers and associates to their educational team.

Under the guidance of new Winterset Schools Superintendent, Justin Gross, the current educators and the subjects they will teach include Clint Driftmier, Elementary Assistant Principal; Joshua Heyer, Junior High Principal; Erica Smothers, 4th Grade Teacher; Kennedy Mason, 4th Grade Teacher; Tonya Van Dam, Middle School Special Education; Sydnee Chiri, Middle School/Junior High Art Teacher; Lucas Kaufmann, 7th Grade Literacy; Mariah Criswell, 8th Grade Literacy; Chance Eckles, Bridges Teacher; Aleasha Bibler, High School Social Studies Teacher; Kacia Cain, High School Science; Morgan Kappel, High School PE Teacher; Melanie Taylor, Middle School.

Assisting students in the classroom as Junior High Teacher’s Associates will be James Bunton and Bonita Bunton.

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